1979 Volkswagen Super Beetle Convertible "1 family owned w/ 4,156 document miles

Price: - Item location: Boca Raton, Florida, United States
  • Condition: Used
  • Make: Volkswagen
  • Model: Beetle - Classic
  • Type: Convertible
  • Trim: Convertible
  • Year: 1979
  • Mileage: 4,156
  • VIN: 1592000265
  • Color: Metallic Silver
  • Engine size: 1.6L
  • Number of cylinders: 4
  • Transmission: Manual
  • Drive type: 2WD
  • Interior color: Black
  • Vehicle Title: Clear
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1979 Volkswagen Beetle - Classic

Every service record reflecting work done, Date and recordedmileage. "Showroom new condition"
The lowest original documented mileage1979 VW Super Beetle Convertibleavailableinthe world at a truebargain price-$10,000 under current market price.
Exterior: Metallic Silver (Diamantsilber Metallic paint code L97A)
Interior: Black
Convertible Top: Black
Convertible Top Boot: Black
Engine: Original factory fuel-injected 4 cylinder
Mileage: 4,156
VIN: 15920 00265
Fully documented,dated service receipts from VW dealers and service centersand an affidavit from the Son of the original owner .Original owner was Tyler's Dad.
Also a copy of Original New Jersey titlewith transfer documented from Mr. FrankWilson to his Son, Tyler J. Wilson on May 16th, 1990 with an ACTUAL MILEAGE title stating 600 miles!
In the affidavit dated May 5th, 2016, Tyler J. Wilson stated that his Father, Frank Wilson,purchased this car with VIN 1592000265 in the Spring of 1980 from Becker Volkswagen,Inc. in Selinsgrove, PA. He said "The car was used to go from Woodbury, N.J. to OceanCity, N.J. once a year, and seldom more than that until my Father became ill.
In 1990 this car was transferred into the name of Tyler J. Wilson for estate purposes with about 600 miles on it.
It was serviced at Avis Volkswagen, Route 40, Monroe, N.J. on 12/13/91 with 830miles with service invoice 33101 reflecting the 830 miles for a total of $672.02.
Shortly thereafter, the VW was shipped in an enclosed auto carrier to our Winter residence in the Naples/Ft. Myers/Bradenton area on the West Coast of Floridaand always kept inside our garage.
On May 16th, 2003 we drove the car to Northwest Garage in Bradenton, FLand with 2742 miles spent $204.48 in service maintenance.
On May 13th, 2008 we returned to the Northwest garage and with 3,432 milesspent $1,037.30 have a multitude of service maintenance things done and were told we needed to drive the car more often.
On January 7th, 2011 we again returned to the Northwest Garage and with 3,774miles had $399.37 worth of service and maintenance work done.
On October 5th, 2015 we went to the Sunshine Auto Garage in Sarasota and withjust 4011 miles had $383.06 cents worth of work done on our VW Super Beetle Convertible.
The problem over the 25 years that we had the car stored in our vacation home wasthat for 9 out of 12 months, this car sat inside of our Florida garage.
"I tried to use it and even added a modern style radio at Best Buy in Bradentonin 2003 but from 2003 until March of 2016 rarely managed to drive this car"
"It has been a nice car, and we only wish we could have had the time to drive and enjoy it more. We hope the next owners get to use it"
Signed by Tyler J. Wilson on 05/05/2016
The original tires had plenty of tread on them...but they were 37 years old and for safety sake, a brand new set of NEXEN 165/80R/15 steel belted radials. They have less than20 miles on them...However, before some lucky bidder becomes the new order of this incredible Super Beetle Convertible, I intend to drive it some beautiful Florida moonlit Summer evenings. WE think the spare is original but I wouldn't advise driving a car on a 37 year old tire. The clear tube you see coming out of the spare supplies the push to make the windshield sprayers work...very ingenious.
There are a couple minuscule slight paint defects...but they are so minor and smallthe camera won't pick them up. I have never seen a 37 year old car that is PERFECTbut this car comes close...It is absolutely a Number 1 condition survivor and drives as good as it looks....FABULOUS!
We only hope the lucky new owner has the time to create their own great "GarageMemories" and enjoys this very special "Time Capsule" VW for 1000's & 1000's ofmiles.
Everything works...yes even the clock keeps great time.
The odd looking panel you see in a couple of the photos is a VW portable solar panel.It attaches to your front lower windshield with suction cups...plug the attached cableinto your Cigarette liter and the solar panel will keep your battery always charged.
NO, we won't sell it separate..it comes with this car and we are aware of how rare it is to have one of these unique solar portable charging panels.
The warning buzzer sounds when you start the car and your belt isn't own.
The horn, wipers, heate, parking lights, bright and regular driving lights, dash lights,turn signals all work correctly.
The Stereo system sounds fantastic...even with the top down and your traveling at 75mph.
1979 VolkswagenSuper Beetle Convertible"Time Capsule Perfect -4,156ActualMiles"
This is without a doubt the nicest, most original and lowest mileage & lowest price 1979 Super Beetle Convertible availableCustom floor mats: Large image of the "Beetle bug" on the matsMileage: 4,156Serial Number: 15920 00265
Engine:1.6L (1585cc) Fuel Injected(Runs "AS NEW"Horsepower: 48 (Fuel-Injected)Transmission: 4/Speed manual Synchro-mesh(shifts perfect)Convertible Top: Original in "AS NEW" condition....
UNDERCARRIAGE: Clean, Original and rust free.
Trunk: As New
Engine Compartment: AS New
Paint: Spectacular and hard to believe it is 37 years old
This car looks and drives like a car with 400 miles or lessand is guaranteed to be a "NO DISAPPOINTMENT CAR" and it can be bought for $10,000 under current market price.
Call us at(954) 873-6495for our unbeatable "Buy it now" price.
Convertible Top Boot: Original in "AS NEW" conditionInterior: Original in "AS NEW" Condition
Chrome & Trim: As good as it gets-fantastic!
Coral Gables, FL
Check out some videos

Everything about this car reflects a vehicle that has spent the last 37 years in a climate controlledgarage. When you see and drive it you'll know it is a real 4156 mi. survivor.Posted below are almost 100 hi-definition photos.
We tried hard to photograph everything you'd want to see if you were inspecting the car in person. If you examine all the photos you'll have a VERY good idea of the incredible condition of this 100% original car. Nothing is hidden.Paint:Original& hard to believe this car is 37 years old!
Paint shine is so deep, it looks like you could 'dive in!'
Prior body work: NONE EVIDENTTires: The tires are brand new as the original ones were dried out from age.
However, we believe the spare is original-should you let the air out of the spare tire, you can smell what the world was like backin 1979!Condition of Trunk: "AS NEW"Condition of engine Compartment: "AS NEW"I drove this car from Boca Raton today on the Florida Turnpike at 70mph.It was a spectacular Florida Sunshine day so naturally I dropped the top,cranked up the stereo and loved every mile. This car drives not just good, but as a BRAND NEW VW Super Beetle!I wassurprised how little wind comes into the car at 70mph with the top down. I have a late model Corvette Convertible whichhas a lot more wind hitting the driver & passenger than does this Super Beetle. I filled the tank up justbefore I left and the needle barely moved off of full after my 65 mile drive!These cars will average 33-35mpg at 70mph.I am confident that there does not exist a better documented low mileage 1979 Super Beetle in the world at this priceor any other price for that matter! These cars are constantly selling in the $40'000's and $50'000's at auctions almost every week. You can own this car for $1'000'sless and not have to pay a 8-10% buyer's fee to an auction company.Please pick up the phone and call us ASAP at(954) 873-6495and we will give you the lowest possible "Buy it now" price.We will NOT respond to E-mail requests for this information...only to a live voicetelephonically.This VW Convertible is for someone who wants and demands a Concours d'Elegance Example...in other words the "Best of the Best"This car is priced to sell on Ebay so if you have always wanted one of the last of the VW Super Beetle convertible, here is your opportunity, don't snooze!1979 VW Super BeetleThis is the end-of-an-era Volkswagen convertible.The predictability for these VW'S to continue to appreciate in value is a surebet!Volkswagen fans recently learned that 2010 would be the last year of production for the current New Beetle Coupe and Convertible, after a successful 12-year production run. Now, while 12 years of the same basic car may be an eternity in modern times, it pales in comparison to the legendary longevity of the New Beetle's inspiration, its namesake predecessor. The original Volkswagen was built in soft-top form from the late 1940s through 1979, and the last '79 Super Beetle Convertibles were sold in America in 1980 for an impressive $6,800.This MSRP was a far cry from the $2,249 price of just 10 years prior (and even farther from the 1970 Sedan's $1,839), and it signified the increasingly collectible status of this formerly popularly priced automobile, which at that point held the distinction of being the only small four-passenger convertible sold in the U.S. The Super Beetle Convertible was truly the end of a long line of rear-wheel-drive, aircooled, horizontally opposed four-cylinder Volkswagens, as the rest of the company's lineup had by now switched to water-cooled engines and front-wheel drive.The Super Beetle dated back to 1971, and was distinguished by its coil spring and MacPherson strut front suspension, which allowed a flat spare tire placement and more luggage space under a taller front trunklid. In 1973, the Super Beetle received a taller, curved windshield backed by a modern-style padded dashboard, side impact protection door bars and larger tail lamps. Electronically controlled Bosch Air Flow Control fuel injection raised the 1,585cc engine's horsepower to 48 in 1975, and standard full carpeting, a rear window defogger, dash woodgrain appliqué and two-coat metallic paint would give the soft-top a mini luxury-car feel. A series of paint and trim special editions were unveiled in the late 1970s--''Triple White,'' ''Champagne Edition'' and ''Epilog''--and the last Karmann-built soft-top bug rolled off the line on January 10, 1980, then headed straight into Volkswagen's AutoMuseum in Wolfsburg.Volkswagen sold10,681 Super Beetle Convertibles in 1979, and another 4,572in 1980, although those 1980 models were considered leftover 1979s to avoid the stricter emissions and safety regulations that affected titled as 1980 cars. Those special editions were highly desirable and served to feed the future-collectible fever, but even the standard models were eagerly snapped up. It's no surprise that a number of these 1979 VW Convertibles were purchased and preserved with delivery mileage.It's also not surprising to learnthat the Super Beetle Convertibleswith low documented mileage continue to command the highest prices. But what is surprising is how steady the average values for the last Super Beetle Convertibles have been in the past 25 years. While it's still possible to pick up a high mileage, well-used '79-80 bug for about $5,000-$10,000,the Primoconditiondocumented actual mileage ones are the ones you want to have in your garage.
If history is anything to go by, we don't foresee this changing much in the near future.....just a steady increase in values.Here are just a few that have sold recently at collector car auctions. The VW in this auction is the "Real Deal"
Driven an average of 115 miles a year!!!!

Recent sales of VW Super BeetleConvertibles
Sold for $44,000at2015 Mecum.
This Volkswagen Super Beetle Convertible is a very low mileageexample with just 903 miles on the odometer.However, the title reads "EXEMPT" and not "actual mileage"It is unrestored and was built in the last year of world production for the German convertible Beetle. It is from a private Volkswagen museum collection and rides on its original Michelin tires. It has its tool kit,, radio delete option, optional clock, and convertible top boot. This car is painted in silver with a black interior and black top.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Sold for $50,600 at2014 Bonhams.
Volkswagen produced several marketing efforts for their much-loved automotive icon, including 'Triple Black', 'Triple White' and 'Champagne.' The Super Beetle, which had superseded the classic 'Bug' in 1971, had modern McPherson strut/coil spring front suspension, rack-and-pinion steering, larger trunk, and improved passenger amenities. The Super Beetle remained in production for a short time, ending in 1975 after even-more-stringent U.S. emissions regulations were introduced. Although the sedan models had been discontinued, the last Super Beetle Convertible would leave the Karmann factory in Osnabruck on January 10, 1980. A few were sold in America as 1980 models, but they were actually 1979s in all regards.
Karmann produced the convertible models for Volkswagen. They designed the folding top framework which featured heavily-padded top with glass rear window. It is believed that almost 11,000 Super Beetle convertibles were sold in 1979, with an additional 4,500 sold in early 1980. As few as 1000 and as many as 2000 were 'Triple White' convertibles.
The original owner of this example is also the current owner. The interior features full carpeting and a wood-grained applique on the dashboard.The odometerindicates this VWhas been driven more than 60,000 miles.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1979 White Super Beetle Convertible sells for $44,000 at BarrettjacksonLot 152 - 1979 VOLKSWAGEN SUPER BEETLE CONVERTIBLERegister to View PriceNo ReserveScottsdale 2016
Original unrestored 1979 Super Beetle Convertible with 6,900 original miles.Mileage not certified on the title. Showroom condition, original paint, white top with boot, white interior, unrestored. 4-speed manual transmission.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Lot #6191979 VOLKSWAGEN BEETLE CONVERTIBLE-Barrett/Jackson
AuctionLas Vegas 2014
*Includes Buyer CommissionBeetle HistoryThe Beetle is perhaps the best-selling car of all-time. Truly, a recognizable shape that has stood the test of time. The vehicle is still being produced in Mexico, continuing the long-time running record.
Adolf Hitler was searching for a people's car that was capable of transporting three children and two adults at speeds of sixty miles-per-hour. The car was to be inexpensive, costing the same as a motorcycle. Ferdinand Porsche was commissioned to produce such a vehicle.
There are many theories as to where the designs originated from. Some believe Hitler designed the vehicle. Some theorize that it was Joseph Ganz's 1920 design that was the true inspiration for the Beetle design. Porsche had created designs for the Mercedes-Benz 170H, which played into the design of the Beetle.
Inspiration for the Beetle had been drawn from the Tatra vehicles, mainly the T97, that had been designed by Hans Ledwinka. Due to the similarities, Tatra launched a lawsuit which never really materialized due to Germany invading Czechoslovakia. The lawsuit was later re-opened after World War II and Volkswagen was forced to pay Tatra 3,000,000 Deutsche Marks. This left Volkswagen with little money for development of new Beetle models.
The Volkswagen Beetle first came on the scene in 1947, but they were known by a different name. KdF, short for Kraft durch Freude meaning 'power by joy', was designated to these small, gas-friendly vehicles. In English, the name Beetle was used. In German, they were known as Kafer, and in French they were called Coccinelle.
These little bundles of joy featured mechanical drum brakes and a gearbox void of synchromesh.
In 1949 the Volkswagen logo was placed on the rims. The engine was expanded to 1131 cc and was capable of producing 25 horsepower. The models that were produced after October of 1949 could be started without a 'starting crank'.
Two convertible options were offered by Volkswagen in 1949. The two-seater design, designated 14A, was penned by Josef Hebmuller. The four-seater Type 15 version was designed and produced by Karmann of Osnabruck. The four-seater was vastly more popular and stayed in production for 30 years.
The 14A was stylish and attractive, with the major shortcoming being a fire that destroyed the factory where they were being produced. The two-seaters featured a rear deck nearly identical to the front hood. The strength of the car, lost by removing the roof, was amplified by a stronger windshield frame and dual Z-section girders located under the floor. In 1953, the last of the Hebmuller rolled off the assembly line, after only 696 examples were produced.
In a time when practicality ruled over style, the four-seater cabriolet was king. The Karmann company had a long history of designing and building cars. In business since 1901, was familiar with assembly line production, benefits and features of different types of metals, and the styles of multiple markets.
The mechanical, cable-driven brakes were replaced with hydraulic brakes in 1950.
During the 1950's the Beetle saw exterior and interior improvements. 1951 saw the addition of arm-rests which were discontinued just a few months later. In 1952, 2nd-4th gears became synchronized. The dashboard was redesigned with a glove compartment. The rear of the Beetle was updated in 1953, receiving a new single oval pane window in place of its original split rear window design. In 1955, the bumper was improved and electrical direction-indicators were installed. A second tail-pipe was added. The front seats became wider and could be moved to three different seat-back adjustable positions.
In 1956, the tires became tubeless. Near the end of '56, side view mirrors became standard on all Beetle models.
In 1957 the front window was increased by 17 percent while the rear window received a 95 percent increase in size. A new dashboard, rear view mirror, radio, and a speaker appeared. The turn signals would now turn-off automatically.
Up to this point, a roller pedal had been used to initiate acceleration. This was the year that the gas pedal replaced the roller pedal.
In 1958, ivory disc wheels were offered.
In 1960, an engine capable of producing 34 horsepower was offered. The speedometer was increased from 74 mph to 87 mph. A windshield-wiper washer system became available. The front directional light was changed from white to amber.
A gas gauge was added in July of 1961.
In 1963, the seats were changed from wool upholstery to synthetic. The VW emblem located on the hubcap was no longer painted. The safety of the vehicle was once-again enhanced with the enlargement directional lights.
There were minor changes in 1964. The windows did, however, become larger.
In 1965, the front axle was improved. The ongoing saga of incremental improvements received another chapter - A defroster vent was added to the center of the dashboard.
The Beetle continued to be sold in the United States until 1978 with the convertible version was sold until early 1980. Sales continued in Europe until 1985. Developing countries, such as Mexico, have been developing the Beetle since 1964 and the vehicles have remained in production since that time.Please take the time to read all of the copy and look at every hi-definition photograph and watch all the videos....If you do, you will probably have most of your questions answered and get a good sense of feeling just how nice this car is.we're proud of our 16 years of 100% feedback(March of 2000 we sold our 1st vintage car on Ebay)and wespend many hours writing the descriptions of every car we offer exclusively on ebaymotors and spend many hours taking 100's of photographs and then selecting the best 75-100 pictures on every car.This SuperBeetle Convertible is as good as it gets....It is for the collector who wants and demands the best of the best....they just don't come any better or any more documented than this!This car is priced to sell on Ebay and is possibly thevery best Original documented low mileage 1979 Super Beetle being offered for sale anywhere.It is UNDERPRICEDforthe current marketand can only appreciate in value if kept and maintained in it's current "AS NEW" condition.I would urge you to call me ASAP at(954) 873-6495and I will share with you our lowest possible price...we will NOT respond to e-mails requesting this information and will only share this with a live voice on the phone.I drove this car all around Boca Raton ....I am hard pressed to remember when I've received as many honks, waves, thumbs up and people actually stopping &getting out of their cars to take photos of this car.I realize most would call this car a "Trailer Queen" I really don't like this name given to any vintage car that is restored to this #1 level...and to be blunt, we do not want to sell this car to anyone who is just puttingit inside a trailer and take it to car shows to win a "best of show" or 1st place award.Remember, this car is NOT restored. It is ORIGINAL!
Nevertheless, it should be enjoyed and driven. If you want to take it to a car show that's a few hundred miles away...then PLEASE drive it toand from the show.
Your smile will be as broad as mine was when I spent a couple hours driving it around South Floridatoday.I could talk about this incredible car for hours....but better than more details...please study every photo and then pick up the phone and call me at(954) 873-6495and I'll give you the lowest acceptable price.This car is currently resting comfortably insideGarage Memories air-conditioned facility in Pompano Beach, Florida.
Hire an inspector or even better come in person. It is guaranteed to be a "NODISAPPOINTMENT" 37 year old PRISTINE very collectable VW Super Beetle Convertibleat it's finest.Located in Boca Raton, we are located between the Palm Beach International Airport (25 miles to the South) and the Ft. Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport (25 miles to the North)
A truly new type of car auction never done before onEbay with technology implemented by Shawn (my Son)
It will change the way cars are sold on Ebay & all over the world...so stay tuned---coming very soon,
Possibly one of the finest Chrysler 300G Sport Coupes in the world(Mardi Gras Red, Tan Leather interior,heavily optioned andmeticulouslyrestored.
IMPORTANT:Please read!Recently wehave had a few auctions won by 1st time buyers with ZERO or 1 or 2 purchases with 1 or 2 feedback comments.These buyers failed to answer any e-mails or gave Ebay false telephonecontact numbers.Therefore effectiveDecember 20th, 2015, any bidder who has less than 5 Positive Feedbackresponses or who has been a member of Ebay for LESS than 90 days, will have to call and speak with us at(954) 873-6495in order to become an approved bidder.If you fall into this category and have not called us prior to placing a bid, your bid will be rescinded(tossed out)and you will be blocked from bidding on anyof our exceptionalcars.We have beensellingthe best of the best in Vintage & antique classic cars on Ebay since March of 2000. Nearly1/3 of One billion dollars of vintage cars.We have 927 Positive feedback and most are for vintage cars, 30, 40,50,60 and 70 years old.In actuality, we have sold over 3000 vintage cars since 2000! However, only 1 out of 3 buyers wants to use the Ebay process.Click here to see the cars we have sold this year :click hereWeunderstand that many collectors who are buying a car like this are doing so for investment purposes and do not want anyone else to know their final price of acquisition.Whatever your choice, we will respect your decision. We never disclose to anyone what the final purchase price is of any of the "GARAGEMEMORIES" we sell.
We have sold almost 1/3 of a Billion dollars of vintage cars thru Ebaymotors.com We are extremely proud of the friends we have made world wide and will continue to only offer the best of the best and to represent every car truthfully and accurately.
TERMS & CONDITIONS.............The car is for sale locally in South Floridaand we reserve the right to cancel this auction at any time before the end of the auction. We do not have a Buy It Now Price listed. If you wish to discuss the lowest acceptable price...PLEASE...DO NOT write us and say "What is your lowest price?"Instead, call us at954-873-6495and we will be happy to discuss that with you.The car will be made available for inspection by serious bidders throughout the auction.We are located just off the Florida Turnpike 1/2 way between Ft. Lauderdale and Boca Raton,FL.We are located halfway between Palm Beach International Airport and the Hollywood/Ft. Lauderdale International Airport.
Please e-mail us if you would like to see the car. If you prefer, we can arrange to have a qualified, independent, professional mechanic perform a pre-purchase inspection for you (at your expense).PLEASE NOTE THAT WE WILL NOT ACCEPT PAYPAL AS A FORM OF PAYMENT. THIS IS TRUE FOR BOTH THE INITIAL DEPOSIT AS WELL AS THE FINAL PAYMENT.This1979VW Super Beetle convertibleturns heads &causes a sensation whereverit's driven!Shipping: If you need help shipping this car in the U.S. or anywhere else in this world, I will be happy to put you in direct contact with Mary Olson who has been our sole shipping person for not only us, but for several of my friends who own car museums. She is honest, reliable, dependable and gives great personal service. She has arranged shipping for myself and several of my friends of more than 3000 cars over the past 10 years.She is incredible when it comes to transporting magnificent collectable & rare cars just like this!Twenty First Century Auctions has been selling fine Late model sports cars, vintage and collectible cars on EBAYMOTORS since March of 2000 and we have a 100% feedback rating.Even in this very tough economic times where real estate has tumbled down a very steep hill....vintage cars...the real ones...the pedigreed cars in great restored or near perfect original condition continue to hold value and in most instances appreciate.Invest your money in something you just don't "Put in the Bank" but something you can "Drive to the bank and anywhere else you might choose to do with your family & friends."Why not have fun with your money? ...enjoy your life and know that when you wake up in the morning your dollars are still safe in your garage or warehouse&haven't evaporated into thinair
Car collecting is a family thing...everyone around the world admires and loves these great vintage and collectible cars.We have sold cars fromAustraliatoAlaska...FromChinatoSaudi Arabia.....FromManhattantoMoscow....and the hobby keeps growing & expanding all the time.Collector car insurance is dirt cheap...about $250-$300 a year for a quality collectible like this. and you can buy full coverage!They usually require a garage and not more than 2500-3000miles a year put on the car.I recommend you only buy a car like this if you have a garage to keep it in.I always try and look for major flaws and mention them and try to point them out when I see something. If you call me I will go over the car with you in great detail... inside and out.Ialways try and find some flaws in every car and mention anything that doesn't work. On this Super Beetle I couldn't find anything not working,but if we do, it will be addressed before we ship this car to the lucky new owner.Your welcome to come in person to inspect this car for yourself...hire anyone you like to come on your behalf....bring your Experts and magnifying glasses........see if you can find anything really negative worth mentioning...we tried and couldn't find anything ...maybe you can?We have tried diligently to find any MAJOR flaws in the paint, body, interior, mechanical or electrical systems and have not been able to locate anything that we could list as a MAJOR problem in the description.I truly believe there is NO such thing as a "PERFECT" old car or even a late model car that has been driven, WE ARE NOT making such a claim,but this car comes close to perfection...ESPECIALLY when consider it is 37 Years Old !